Awesome Riverdale Videos – We hope you’ll like them!

Archie and Veronica sing ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules but Betty takes over (2017)

Cheryl massages Josie’s shoulders (2017)

“Carrie: The Musical” – In

Josie and the Pussycats Perform “Milkshake” with Cheryl

Betty and Jughead role play (2018)

Veronica tends to Archie’s wounds and they make out (2017)

Betty and Veroncia in the boys changing rooms (2017)

Betty and Veroncia kiss during cheerleading tryouts (2017)

Jughead and Veronica kiss (2018)

Riverdale Season 1: Full Extended Blooper Reel

Archie and Veronica shower scene (2017)

Riverdale Cast – Mad World (Audio) ft. KJ Apa, Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart

Betty and Jughead sleep with each other (2018)

Betty and Jughead make out (2017)

“Carrie: The Musical” – The World According To Chris [Official Music Video]

Who Do The Riverdale Cast Ship On The Show?

Riverdale “Carrie: The Musical” – Do Me A Favour [Official Music Video]

The Serpents come to the Coopers rescue (2018)

Riverdale 3×01 Ending: Betty has a seizure (2018)

Jughead becomes Serpent King and gives Cheryl a Serpent Jacket (2018)

Riverdale “Carrie: The Musical” – A Night We’ll Never Forget [Official Music Video]

Riverdale 2×05 Nick drugs Cheryl, Jughead gets beaten up to become a Serpent (2017

Guess Who Grammed – Riverdale Edition